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Computer Validation

A Common Sense Guide



All 8 training units of the complete book “Computer Validation, A Common Sense Guide” can be purchased and downloaded in a Zip file.

Unit No.
                                         Book Content
       1 Glossary of Computer Validation Terms and Definitions
Chapter 1 Common Regulatory Compliance Themes, Appendix 1.1
       2 Chapter 2 Management’s role in Computer Validation
Chapter 3 User Team’s role in Computer Validation, Appendix 3.1
       3 Chapter 4 The Auditable Computer Validation Package, Appendix 4.1 and 4.2
       4 Chapter 5 Auditable Formal Testing Practices, Appendix 5.1-5.6
       5 Chapter 6 The IT Infrastructure Role in Validation, Appendix 6.1-6.7
       6 Chapter 7 The Software Supplier’s Role in Computer Validation, Appendix 7.1-7.4
       7 Chapter 8 Quality Assurance and Quality Control Roles, Appendix 8.1-8.3
       8 Chapter 9 The Archivist Role for Electronic Archives, Appendix 9.1
Chapter 10 The Corporate Role for Electronic Records Quality, Appendix 10.1-10.4
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